Industry Standards

Industry Standards in Out of Home are set by the Out of Home Standards Committee, representing both Outsmart and IPAO members. Standards make it simpler and easier to buy Out of Home, therefore increasing efficiency and ultimately revenue.

OpenDirect (OOH)1.5.1, is the programmatic direct trading standard for the Out of Home industry. The standard is an extension of the IAB Tech Lab’s OpenDirect 1.5.1 schema to accommodate the ‘real world’ aspects of Out of Home media in the dimensions of inventory, audience, delivery, distribution, pricing and prohibitions. It is designed to support the programmatic trading of both classic and digital Out of Home media formats from billboards to vehicles to digital screen displays.

For media owners, this means that they can make guaranteed inventory available in a programmatic marketplace. For buyers, this means they can programmatically access inventory for their customers. For the industry, a marketplace that uses OpenDirect means a more fluid movement of inventory and increased opportunity to overlay data to inform purchase and sale decisions and purchase directly.


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