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Proof that Out of Home is Good for Fast Moving Consumers.

Kantar recently released a report looking at their FMCG Shopper segmentation, based on TGI data. These shopper segments collectively account for half of the adult population so naturally I was interested in seeing which segments could be most efficiently reached by Out of Home advertising.

Running the segments against media neutral quintiles and looking at the highest quintile (the 20% of the target audience who consume that medium most), it is clear that three of the seven shopper segments are much more likely to see and respond to Out of Home (OOH) advertising. That’s not to say the remaining segments are ‘weak’ – they’re just not as strong, within the highest quintile.

 Have a look at this deck for more detailed data such as splits by Classic and Digital OOH and immediate responses to OOH advertising versus responding later.  


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