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Data Standards

Data Standards in Out of Home are set by the Out of Home Standards Committee, representing both Outsmart and IPAO members. Standards make it simpler and easier to buy Out of Home, therefore increasing efficiency and ultimately revenue.

Playout is an industry-wide tool that securely houses Out of Home media owner playout data, centralising the data for buyers to access in one place. It is currently in development. Updates and links will be posted as they become available.

OpenDirect (OOH) is the programmatic direct trading standard for the Out of Home industry. The standard is designed to support the programmatic trading of both classic and digital Out of Home media formats from billboards to vehicles to digital screen displays.

OpenRTB is the programmatic Real Time Bidding trading standard for DOOH. The standard allows DOOH to be properly described and traded alongside the established digital media channels of online display, mobile, audio and Connected TV.

For media owners, these standards mean they can make guaranteed inventory available in programmatic marketplaces. For buyers, this means they can programmatically access inventory for their customers. For the industry, a marketplace that uses these standards means a more fluid movement of inventory and increased opportunity to overlay data to inform purchase and sale decisions.