What is OOH?

What is OOH?

Out of Home is an umbrella term for a range of advertising opportunities located in public spaces and seen by millions. 

As a public medium, Out of Home advertising funds the installation, renewal, cleaning, and maintenance of public infrastructure, particularly in public transport and communications. In 2018, PwC estimated that approximately 40% of all OOH advertising revenue goes back into the UK economy. 

Outsmart members cover all public spaces from city centres, transport and travel hubs, to roadside, shopping & retail, leisure and fitness, healthcare and education. Formats include Posters, screens, billboards, buses, taxis, trains, ambient, banners, kiosks, ticket gates, bespoke installations and more. 

This diversity offers brands massive coverage and scale. OOH provides brands with incredible creative scope to target people on the move in innovative ways, drive connectivity and be a catalyst for action.  

The simplicity and visual impact of classic OOH, coupled with the adaptive, innovative and interactive nature of digital, enables the medium to deliver for brands: big ideas, big campaigns and big results.

"The average UK adult spends over 3 hours a day out and about"

(Source: Route )