Health & Safety

Health and Safety is of utmost importance to the OOH industry and its contractors. This group is committed to supporting media owners in maintaining the highest standards of Health and Safety across the industry.

Our members and contractors will comply with all appropriate Health & Safety legislation. The Outsmart Health & Safety Code is intended to promote Best Practice in relation to Health and Safety. 


  • Health & Safety Code
  • SSIP
  • Outsafe Contractor Accreditation Scheme
  • OutSafe Contractor Accreditation Scheme - Application Form
  • Accredited Contractors

    0161 850 2233

    Global Erecting Sign Services Ltd

    JCS Poster Site Construction
    01375 855178

    John Comaish Advertising Services Ltd
    01925 830 814

    M&M Outdoor Media Ltd
    0121 550 8555

    Outdoor Logistics Ltd
    020 3322 8188

    Street Furniture Maintenance Ltd

    No link provided
    07770 267608

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