Great minds…Think differently

Great minds…Think differently

12th March 2024

PRISM ND, The Foundation and Clear Channel UK partner to launch a new initiative over neurodiversity celebration week, to raise awareness about the overlooked strengths, untapped potential, and hidden contributions of neurodivergent minds.

PRISM ND, a charity launched in January 2024 by Seedlip Founder, Ben Branson, is dedicated to breaking the cycle of shame, stigma and struggle by increasing awareness of neurodivergence (20% of the global population) using modern mixed media. Together with the UK’s leading neurodiversity charity, The Foundation, and Clear Channel, one of the UK’s leading Out of Home advertising and infrastructure companies, they are launching a new campaign to support The Hidden 20% initiative. 

The Hidden 20% is a brand-new podcast hosted by Ben Branson, proudly presented by PRISM ND, on a mission to change society’s perception of neurodivergent minds so we can build an environment where those who think differently are supported. Each week he sits down with great minds that think differently: from neurodivergent entrepreneurs & talented creatives to renowned authors, psychologists & experts. Many neurodivergent minds have silently contributed so much to the cultural fabric of the world we live in, and as a society there needs to be more understanding. Just ask, Mozart, Newton, Monroe, Jobs, Curie, Picasso, Warhol, Da Vinci, Darwin or Einstein.

The campaign, which will go live from 11 to 31 March and as part of neurodiversity celebration week (18 March), will see a series of adverts go live across Clear Channel’s digital Out of Home screens nationwide.  The campaign creative is simple and aims to share the message of what life might be like without the amazing contributions to society of historic icons who were neurodivergent, and their wonderful brains. 

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Ben Branson’s podcast, The Hidden 20% will be releasing a special episode with Dr Tony Lloyd (CEO of The Foundation) and Chelcee Grimes. Together, they will be celebrating the exceptional neurodivergent minds and cultural contributions of historical icons, that drive right through to the modern day hidden 20%, who are alive and contributing to society.  It will be released on Wednesday 20 March on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube with activations across TikTok, IG, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

20% of humankind ‘Think Differently’, which must have an evolutionary purpose and be the universal design.  A neurodiversity paradigm views this prevalence as a natural expression of the vast spectrum of diversity of human neurocognitive potential - not a deficit. 

Tony Lloyd, CEO of The Foundation adds: “Advances in neuroscience have taught us that neurodivergent minds, so often failed in our schools, are not in fact low ability, but often high IQ. These minds, like autistic individuals, are found in every profession, in every social and racial demographic all over the world, and need to be better supported. Together with PRISM ND and Clear Channel we’re excited to launch this initiative, and help build a world that views neurodiversity and ‘thinking differently’ as a strength.”

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