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Helping Little Box of Books to 'change the story'

08th July 2020

Destination media specialist, Limited Space, is working with Little Box Of Books to help promote the literary organisation’s ‘Change The Story’ campaign.

The campaign, collaborating with Rochelle Humes, is raising money to fund storybooks from top publishers that reflect the diversity of our population, communities and families and delivering them to primary schools all over the UK. 

In 2018 only 4% of children’s books published had a BAME main character, whilst lots of books published feature white, predominantly male, characters and focus on more stereotyped family dynamics.
Little Box of Books’ helps children to see themselves, their families and cultural references in stories, helping those who are underrepresented to recognise and realise their potential. This supports children to develop and maintain a love of reading, which is a major contributor to future academic success, whilst reinforcing lessons on equality and diversity.
Limited Space is providing it’s large format digital screen portfolio to the cause, showcasing the campaign across 8 of the UK’s top retail destinations, including Bluewater, Meadowhall, Manchester Arndale and Bullring.

Lynsey Pollard, Director of Little Box of Books, said: “It is crucial for every primary school to have diverse bookshelves which is why Little Box of Books is raising this money. With the help of Limited Space we hope to reach thousands more people and families who will donate and help us change the story for this generation of schoolchildren.”

Samantha Sida, Co-Founder at Limited Space, adds: “The work being done by Little Box of Books is so relevant to the world we currently live in, which is why we were so happy to help. Literacy plays an incredibly important role in the education process, not just academically but also on a societal level. The more inclusive we can make the enjoyment of reading, the greater the chance we have of developing a new, more knowledgeable and cohesive generation moving forward.”

The ‘Change The Story’ campaign is currently raising money through the Crowdfunder website -


For further information, please contact Samuel Maskell at or on 01202 708884.

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About Little Box of Books
Little Box of Books supplies families and schools with inclusive and representative children’s books, helping more children see themselves in the books they read and helping all children to better understand the world and their place in it.