One You Health Stop

Public Health England launches ‘One You Health Stop’ on Clear Channel UK digital bus shelter sites, in partnership with MEC UK and

13th April 2016

For the latest activity in their One You’ campaign, Public Health England has partnered with Clear Channel UK, MEC UK and, to encourage the UK public to consider their health and make simple changes to improve it.

‘One You Health Stop’, developed by Public Health England, MEC UK and Clear Channel UK, sees a number of Clear Channel UK bus shelter advertising sites across the country transformed into state-of-the-art digital health stop screens. The screens integrate face tracking technology with dynamic content, live and localised data and a bespoke telephony system, to put Dr Hilary Jones on the high street, appearing to interact directly and in real-time with members of the public.

Dr Jones appears to talk in person to individuals from his surgery desk, providing tailored health messages based on age and gender and encouraging people to call him on a free-phone number. Callers see a phone ringing on-screen which Dr Hilary Jones appears to answer. Following the call, Dr Jones then appears to send the caller a text message with a link to Public Health England’s free ‘One You’ online quiz, ‘How Are You’. All content has been carefully synced to create the illusion of a completely live interaction.

One of the most complex interactive campaigns in UK Out of Home history, ‘One You Health Stop’ incorporates an unprecedented level of automation – made possible by digital Out of Home and close collaboration between Public Health England, Clear Channel UK, MEC UK and ‘One You Health Stop’ is also the first ever nationwide campaign to address preventable death and disease in adults caused by modern day life, and features in a short film which sees the real Dr Hilary step out from behind Clear Channel bus shelters in Brighton to have a real life discussion about their health at his pop-up surgery.

Neil Chapman, Head of Create at Clear Channel UK, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Public Health England, MEC UK and to deliver this bespoke campaign. The Health Stop is an incredible example of the unrivalled capabilities of digital Out of Home to create fun, personal and highly relevant advertising experiences, made possible through close collaboration and the integration of contextual technology.”

Laura Robinson, Senior Creative at MEC UK, said: “Health is completely personal and often overlooked by busy people. For such an important campaign it was important that we developed a really smart media idea that would be seen by a national audience, and also connect with these individuals through a bespoke one-to-one interaction. The One You Health Stop is a ground-breaking activation for PHE that perfectly utilises the locations and sophisticated technology only available in digital Outdoor.”

Andrew Phipps Newman CEO of said “There are a number of firsts in this campaign which we are immensely proud of. From the audience demographic delivering personalised on screen messages to the careful integration of telephony to trigger a synced conversation with Dr Hilary; all seamlessly integrated, culminating in a campaign which engages the trust of its audience with a uniquely personal message”.

To see the campaign in action, click here.