13th May 2022

OPEN Media have announced their new digital, large format network, OPEN Connect. Comprising 16 screens within 9 key UK cities, and with anticipated growth of the network, brands will have the opportunity to reach an audience of almost 5 million individuals every fortnight. 

OPEN Connect is a series of well-considered, desirable locations with an impressive reach up and down the country. Campaigns can now get to parts of the UK that they have previously not been able to, with an impressive 46% of the network reaching an incremental audience. 

Not only will campaigns reach new locations, but brands have the opportunity to be on the front foot of technology and display eye-catching, cutting-edge campaigns with the network’s 3D capabilities and the option of flexible booking; by hour, by day or by location. 

The network also boasts full accountability and transparency for your campaign booking, partnering with UniLed, who provide the digital out-of-home industry with a range of market leading products and services that maximise the performance of DOOH and instils trust and confidence in the sector.

UniLED’s solutions streamline the creative delivery process for digital-out-of-home campaigns and provide full transparency and accountability for brands, through third-party verification of DOOH campaign delivery.  

As announced on Earth Day 2022, OPEN Media are acknowledging the energy usage of their screens, and committing to ‘OPEN Disconnects’- powering down their premium OPEN Connect sites between 12am-6am. Impacts are at their lowest during these hours, and offers an ideal time to reduce campaigns’ carbon footprints by powering down network-wide through the night.

OPEN Media CEO, Mike Smith says:

“We are extremely excited to bring our new network, OPEN Connect to the out of home market. OPEN Connect’s goals and objectives are to bring incremental audiences and brands together. The key benefits of buying this premium out of home network are; full transparency and accountability reporting, carbon emission reporting, flexible buying based on time, day, and location, and also full motion capabilities.”