WOO Head says OOH needs to major on impact as well as measurement in 2024

WOO Head says OOH needs to major on impact as well as measurement in 2024

18th January 2024

World Out of Home Organization President Tom Goddard says in a New Year message: "2024 brings a number of challenges for all media, chiefly the ever-increasing pace of technology and the demands on media to show its effectiveness in a global market where competition has never been keener and measurement is all.

"Out of Home has responded well to these challenges, maintaining its share of the global market while the move to consistent measurement is widely accepted and in hand, while digital has opened up new opportunities for the medium across the world. There is now virtually nothing we can't do with increasingly three-dimensional screens.

"A growing amount of evidence shows that consumers, our key focus, enjoy OOH and welcome its contribution to safer, more user-friendly urban environments. We are the only medium that puts money back to benefit the customers we reach on behalf of advertisers.

"All these good things mean little if we don't do our main job which is to build brands and increase sales for our advertisers and 2023 has seen a number of OOH campaigns - classic and digital - which have done just that, triumphantly. As linear TV continues its decline, OOH is becoming the broadcast medium of choice for many advertisers and agencies."

Among the OOH campaigns Goddard cites are Uncommon Creative Studio's Cannes Grand Prix winner for British Airways and New Commercial Arts' relaunch of Nationwide Building Society in the UK 

Goddard concludes: "One of our key tasks in 2024 is to get more advertisers and agencies as excited about the performance and potential of the medium as we are.

"As someone once said, the truth is out there."