KBH and Ubiquitous research collaboration

KBH and Ubiquitous research collaboration

11th October 2023

KBH and Ubiquitous Taxis have joined forces to prove how adding multiple formats to your media plan significantly increases the efficiency of a campaign. 

Their media formats are very different, but form part of the same commuting journey. Traincards offer a long dwell-time for those travelling to and from London, then once people are off the train and in the city, they then have the opportunity to see other formats, such as taxi advertising.

Traincards and Taxi interiors are able to include longer copy in their designs, offering a more in-depth and ‘shoppable’ call-to-action for brands.  Taxi exteriors then complement that with big, bold branding to reignite the campaign messaging.

According to Route, when you combine 6,000 KBH Traincards and 100 Ubiquitous Taxis, coverage reaches nearly a third of All Adults in the Greater London Conurbation.

To prove and demonstrate that KBH Traincards and Ubiquitous Taxi advertising would reach a commuting audience at different touchpoints during the day, a fake brand was built with the help of AI – Pro Motion.

They then ran lightweight campaigns for the brand – 100 Ubiquitous Taxi Supersides and 6,000 KBH Traincards throughout the month of August.  This was followed by some comprehensive post-campaign research via Attest and the results showed 71% of respondents recalled seeing the advertising, and 75% of those who saw both formats took some kind of action.

“Collaborating on this project with KBH has been an absolute pleasure. The data not only reaffirms our steadfast confidence in the power of multiple touchpoint advertising for advertisers but also underscores the ROI clients can expect when they combine the power of Train and Taxi advertising. Something I passionately believe in.” Jim Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer at Ubiquitous

“We loved collaborating with our friends at Ubiquitous on this innovative research project. We’re delighted to find that the additional frequency afforded by combining both Taxis and Traincards significantly increased the efficiency of a campaign, and hope that this model can be used across other formats in the industry.” Joi Jenkins, Group Head of Sales (Joint) at KBH