75Media launches bespoke software to help OOH campaign planning

75Media launches bespoke software to help OOH campaign planning

23rd April 2024

75Media,has launched a proprietary piece of planning software, designed to make planning an OOH campaign even easier.

BOB – Billboard Optioning & Booking system – will feature real-time information on the company’s full portfolio of 540+ digital and classic billboard sites.

Users can ask BOB to search sites by a range of criteria including location, type of billboard and nearby points of interest. From those results, they can build and save their own bespoke campaign specifically aimed at their target audience. An initial iteration of the software has launched, with further data-driven functionality to be added, thanks to the product’s modular design which allows for continuous development.

Paul Inman, managing director at 75Media, explains: “We believe this to be a first in the industry. BOB is intuitive and easy to use and will make campaign planning incredibly easy. Not only that, it will also enable the end user – be that an agency or an individual business – to ensure their campaign is hitting the right people at the right time.

“Our number one priority was to make this user-friendly, and we think we have achieved that. BOB also takes us one step closer to realising our goal of being the UK’s number one network for brands. We believe in giving brands, whether directly or through an agency, the power to find the OOH sites which really work for them. Offering outstanding customer service has always been something we’ve placed huge importance on, supporting clients with planning and measurement and generally making the case for OOH as a very effective advertising medium for brands of all types. BOB helps us take that to the next level.”

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