Pukka & Hello London Launch Data Infused Campaign

14th November 2017

Pukka Herbs, producer of organic herbal teas and wellbeing supplements, has launched a data-driven advertising campaign on London Underground for their award-winning teas using brand new segmentation data from Hello London, the media partnership between Exterion Media and Transport for London (TfL), to engage its target audience on the network.                                                                                                                                         

Pukka is the first brand to use Hello London’s enhanced data offering, that overlays depersonalised and grouped data from smart ticketing with Experian Mosaic demographic groups. All customer information is anonymised and grouped at a station level so that no individual customer can be identified, and no data is shared directly with brands or advertisers.

The campaign, booked through UM Bristol and Rapport, is focused on engaging people who are likely to have an interest in ethical products and a healthy lifestyle. By understanding where this audience type touches in and out, Exterion were able to understand the London Underground locations that would best reach them.

The two-week campaign runs across 20 of the most high-indexing and efficient stations to reach their target audience, including a high impact cross-track platform domination at Clapham South - the top indexing station.

Dave King, MD at Exterion Media UK, said: “We’re very excited to see Pukka using the latest offering from Hello London Data for their campaign. It’s high quality, robust data, and it’s great to see an advertiser recognising the importance of using crowd level data to understand how to make their ads reach the right groups at the right time. Our innovative approach to data and technology is enabling us to deliver more effective and dynamic advertising than ever before – and through the use of this new data we’re able to make campaigns not only work harder for advertisers, but more relevant and engaging to consumers. We hope this will be the first of many to work with us in this way.”

Chris Reader, Head of Commercial Media at TfL, said: “Through Hello London we can now prove to brands that their campaigns are being seen by the people that they want to connect with and who will be interested in their advertisements. We know that our advertising estate is one of the most engaging in the world, now we can show that it is the most effective and accountable.”

Fox, Marketing Director at Pukka, said: “Our mission is to connect as many people as possible to the wonder and beauty of plants and by showing how their power can help everyone to live healthier, happier lives. Creating a whole set of creative executions in the London Underground is an ideal way to inspire people about these incredible organic herbal teas and wellbeing supplements, as well as our commitment to ethical and sustainable business.”