Reach Passengers Joins Outsmart

Reach Passengers Joins Outsmart

21st January 2022

It's all about attention...

At Reach Passengers we provide our clients with an attention led experience for their campaigns by blending content with live bus and rail information. Our transport information is trusted, and people constantly engage with our screens multiple times each day.
Our mission is to offer an attention led outdoor advertising solution that is effective for our clients and trusted by our audience. Reach Passengers put your campaigns in front of your audience on screens they trust and want to engage with. 

Premium locations
Our displays provide ‘Live’ transport information which ensures they are centrally located in city and town centres as well as major transport hubs.

Better for the audience
Passengers look at the screens continually to check for their next bus or train and now they can receive updates from brands like yours 

Better for the advertiser
This results in your campaign being seen multiple times by our audience who use our locations for an average of 5-15 minutes each visit!

“Very new age and in prominent locations which will been seen by a lot of people”
Darrell, Director, Oakheart Property

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