Welcoming New Members

Outsmart is delighted to welcome two new members to the Association

02nd July 2020



C-Screens is an exciting new digital outdoor entertainment media owner. Founded 7 years ago by former ITV media brothers Robert and Richard Hicks with one goal in mind: to offer consumers engaging, relevant content, in high dwell time environments, with total transparency and accurate accountability. 


C-Screens offer a wide and diverse range of exclusive networks including Pharmacies, Theme Parks, Service stations, Events, Football Stadia to name but a few. 

Accountability is something at the heart of C-Screens vision. Being able to trade on demographic audiences, as well as proximity, is all thanks to investing in one of the most accountable 1st party audience measurement systems, fused with 3rd party suppliers.


To learn more visit: c-screens.com or get in touch at 020 3745 7278 and Info@c-screens.com



Smart Outdoor


Smart Outdoor provides dynamic, digital advertising screens that reach millions of people every week. Since developing fifteen high-impact display sites across the North East since launch just 18 months ago, Smart Outdoor continues to grow with three prominent reach-building new sites coming in the next month,.


It is a time of exciting growth for Smart Outdoor, the brainchild of Livingston-born entrepreneur Mark Catterall who founded the company in January 2019 and the business now employs 12 members of staff. 


The team at Smart Outdoor are focused on delivering great campaigns for customers and building capacity in the network with investments made in more sites. Smart Outdoor’s vision is to become the largest player in the North East of England . Mark comments “The North East is central to our expansion plans – it’s home and we believe it presents an incredibly strong opportunity for advertisers.” 


To learn more visit:  www.smartoutdoor.co.uk or get in touch at (+44) 191 260 0403 and info@smartoutdoor.co.uk


We wish both members every success in our fantastic medium!