Welcome to SPACE

With the ever-growing range of inventory available and the advent of even greater technology being a key role within the industry, OOH welcomes SPACE

25th January 2016

Over recent years it has become apparent that the OOH industry has been requiring greater standardisation in terms of the registration of formats, frames and environments. With the ever-growing range of inventory available, and with the advent of even greater technology playing a key role within the industry, Mediatel are creating SPACE.

What is SPACE?

SPACE has created a single source data point to coordinate and categorise the unique identification characteristics of all UK OOH inventory.

SPACE applies a unique frame ID for each individual piece of media inventory. The code is required in order to establish a unique reference against which bookings can be held by IPAO companies.

The frame ID is also a mandatory input for Route audience classification, but it will be required regardless of whether the frame is also submitted to Route for classification.

Why has Space been created?

The increasing application of technology within the OOH industry has created a need for improved regulation and categorisation of inventory data. This can only be achieved through industry control of a single identification point.

SPACE will help to develop standards for the transmission of common data across the industry, and will pave the way for improved systems, efficiency savings, and future automation.

How does it work?

Throughout Q4 2015, media owners have been uploading each piece of inventory, which they own and intend to sell, to the SPACE platform. Inventory can be managed and updated on an ongoing basis by media owners, taking into account any changes in sites or formats.


The SPACE platform will become fully operational by the end of January 2016.

How does my company get involved?

If your company is not yet involved with SPACE then please visit www.oohspace.co.uk. Costs and technical details regarding how to upload inventory can be found on the site.

It’s not compulsory to join SPACE but without a registered frame ID the inventory may not be compatible with buying purchase systems, and therefore may not be purchased by IPAO members who strongly endorse SPACE.

If you’re not a member, you can contact Outsmart to arrange payment with immediate effect, after which you’ll be able to upload your inventory onto SPACE. Points of price entry is determined by the overall size of a company’s billings.

For more information on costs please contact Outsmart on 0207 224 3786 or email info@outsmart.org.uk